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Tribute to my rents~*

Dad, Mom ! Thank you for always beeing there for me and always caring about me. I love you even if u sometimes doubt that >.< I know u are trying to help me to become a better person and I appreciate that a lot. Sorry for beeing so rude and annoying and exhausting all the time. I just wanted to tell you that u mean a lot to me and that I coulnd't think of better parents than you guys. Of course u get on my nerves from time to time but thatz normal isn't it. I think I'll be very sad if I have to leave u in a few years. There are just things in my life going on that u wouldn't understand and that I don't want you to care about. You have to many other things to do believe me. Dad u are the coolest, funniest Dad on this planet. Luv you XOXO And Mom you and me are so similar thatz why we have our problems. I still love you and you are the best mom ever. I hope I don't worry you too much because thatz not what I want. I promise you to really get out of this mess and do something with my life...~
Your oldest daughter Christine hugs and kisses XOXO
28.10.06 23:28

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Maria (28.10.06 23:39)
awww~ cute!
There's really a tear in my eye! Did u show them that?

ANTI ALLES (29.10.06 00:03)
No And I won't...^^ Peinlüsch

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